SKG Smart Watch for Women: Your Ultimate Fitness Companion

SKG Smart Watch for Women: Your Ultimate Fitness Companion

SKG Smart Watch

In today's fast-paced world, staying fit and maintaining good health is essential. The SKG Smart Watch for Women is a remarkable fitness tracker designed to empower women in their journey toward a healthier lifestyle. With its 5ATM swimming waterproof rating, comprehensive health monitoring features, and a user-friendly 1.7'' touch screen, this smart watch is the perfect companion for women who prioritize their well-being. Let's dive deeper into the features and benefits of this impressive device.

SKG Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor and Water Resistance

SKG V7 Smart Watch, Exercise, and Health are always under your control

SKG Smart Watch Notifications and Magnetic Solution Charging

Basic Function:

Clock, Date display, Multiple dials, OTA upgrade

Daily Activity Monitoring: 

Heart rate, Sleep, Step-counting, Calorie, Distance, Stress monitoring etc.

Sports Function: 

V7 Smart Watch has 14+ exercise modes. These are Outdoor running, Treadmill, Walking, Indoor cycling, Yoga, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, Table tennis, Badminton, Free training, Fishing, Indoor swimming..etc

Remind Function: 

Call reminder, short message notice, heart rate reminder, App reminder, Alarm reminder, walk reminder, and women's health reminder.

1.69 Full-Color Large Screen:

V7 smartwatch(240*280)

APP (Very Fit - Platform for smart wearable and health): 

Scan the QR code or search "Very Fit" to download, Support IOS 9.0+ and Android 6.0+.

SKG Smart Watch Healt Data Monitoring

Female Care Function

You can get to know yourself by using the SKG V7 Smart Watch app(Very Fit) to track your menstrual cycle and symptoms, view the ovulation forecast calendar, and more.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

When you feel tired, breathing, thinking or attention is not concentrated, or after the gym, you can immediately use SKG V7 Smart Watch to detect your blood oxygen saturation and adjust your body status.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring:

Monitoring heart rate is the most accurate method to measure the effectiveness of exercise. The SKG V7 Smart Watch can instantly detect the heart rate so that you can see your heart rate change during exercise, keep your heart rate in the corresponding area when you exercise, reasonable control of motion intensity.

Sleep Monitoring:

SKG V7 Smart Watch uses built-in sensors, system algorithms, and extensive data analysis to detect sleep, use the sensor monitors heart rate, and wrist movement, detects your sleep, is sleeping, still, sleep, smart statistics, sleep, sleep time Thus let you know your sleep quality

Breath Training and Stress Monitor:

SKG V7 Smart Watch can use heart rate variability data, combined with the corresponding pressure calculation model, to estimate your pressure and degree, reminding you to regulate your mindset when facing stress, and monitoring your stress state at all times. Breathe training can help you release stress and recover to a normal, positive state.

5ATM Water Resistance:

SKG V7 Smart Watch has a 5ATM waterproof function, a water-resistant depth of 50 meters, very powerful, so whether you are indoors, or indoors is useful. The SKG Smart Watch can withstand the rigors of aquatic activities, allowing you to track your fitness progress even while submerged.

Magnetic Suction Charging:

2 Hours Charging Time, 8 Continuous Days, 30 Days Standby, SKG V7 Smart Watch is equipped with a large-capacity battery, so you can use it for a long time, without any pressure.

Smart Connectivity:

The SKG Smart Watch seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, allowing you to receive notifications for calls, messages, and social media updates directly on your wrist. You can also control music playback, set alarms, and access other convenient features without needing to reach for your phone.The SKG Smart watch is compatible with most IOS 9.0 and Android six and above. You can bind your Smart watch to your cellphone and receive alerts of the calendar, incoming calls, SMS app notifications, et cetera. It will never let you miss out on any important things.

App Download: 

Download and install the "Very Fit" app on the App Store, Google Play, or by scanning the QR code below.


Turn on the Very Fit app -> Activate Bluetooth connection on your phone -> Search on the app for the device to pair with (or scan the QR code on the device) -> Finish binding on the app (or on the device).


The SKG Smart Watch for Women is a powerful fitness tracker and health monitor that empowers women to lead healthier lives. Its 5ATM swimming waterproof rating, comprehensive fitness tracking capabilities, and user-friendly touch screen make it an ideal companion for women on their fitness journey. Stay on top of your health, monitor your progress, and enjoy the convenience of smart connectivity with this remarkable smartwatch. Embrace the future of fitness tracking and take charge of your well-being with the SKG Smart Watch for Women.

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